9 thoughts on “Michelle Montalvo”

  1. Although you can tell what is going on in the photograph, I think it can also be read flat..simply color and lines. It’s exciting to go back and forth between the reality of the photo and the abstracted perspective. I think the tilt of the shot and the color tone make it easier to abstract a recognizable scene.

  2. This photography is slightly blurred, but despite the blurriness, I can tell there is a child looking over a stair rail. I think that the angle you used is very interesting, however, I do need either more context within the photograph or in the description or a better version of this photograph.

  3. I think the color choices in this image are really interesting. While you have a whole range of tones, it feels very dichromatic. The green and red complimentary color scheme grabs my attention and keeps my eye moving around the frame. I wish there had been a piece of this image kept in focus because, as is, my eye finds it hard to stop that lovely movement – there’s nowhere to comfortably rest my focus.

  4. really love the use of strange colors in this, the space feels like it could be read flat or with depth. Think this proves you can turn an ordinary space into whatever you want with the right shot. Abstract but still recognizable figures

  5. This photo intrigues me through the skewed perspective and being slightly out of focus. I do wish I could make out what is in the capture more accurately, so maybe depending on what you were going for, you could clear up the focus. Nice use of colors.

  6. The change in perspective really leaves the viewer searching for an idea of what’s going on in the photo. While it seems to be intentionally out of focus, I can’t tell if an intense unsharp mask was put on it, but it seems like whatever was done to the photo intensified the all of the lines.

  7. The colors are really interesting to me. They give a certain feel to the images, which I think would be interesting to work with in other photographs/series if that is not already your plan!

  8. I think the perspective itself adds a quality to it unlike other photos. The boy’s pose is very sad and the stairwell exposes that a lot

  9. This canted angle is awesome! I was just wondering how you achieve the very pastel look. I am assuming it is a filter on photoshop. This adds to the disorientation of the image. It comes off as concerning and as a by stander from the way the person is fixated in the frame.

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