Sherry Bonner (Youngblood)

Sherry Bonner (Youngblood)
Anim 103 Intro to Video Art

A representation of the witch hunts during the Middle Ages and a commentary on the resurgence of pagan spirituality in the modern era.

2 thoughts on “Sherry Bonner (Youngblood)

  1. You definitely have some interesting layering going on, but I’m not sure about the progression of the video. I felt like I was probably supposed to be following a narrative, but it felt unclear to me, and sometimes the layering was a little too intense for me to see the human figures and follow what they were doing. Definitely an interesting idea though, I think there is a lot of room for expansion in this! Also, I would explore different typefaces, maybe even look for one that originates centuries ago, so as to recall this time period a little more. With a little digging for a different typeface, I think it would really enhance the narrative! Good job.

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