photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Ye Ji


Ye Ji
Art 576: Advanced Photography
inkjet print on kozo paper; 8.5 in by 85 in

This photograph is a portion of a 7-foot-long hand scroll, in which I photograph an American barn house and edit it into an architectural space with cavalier perspective, a perspective system often used in Chinese/Japanese hand scroll painting.

2 thoughts on “Ye Ji”

  1. I feel calm and at ease staring into this photo. I’m sure I would be even more so if I got to see the actual print on the kozo paper scroll. I think this image stands out because of the manipulation you’ve put into making this your own. The idea, materials, editing all seem to come together and the result appears complete and inviting.

  2. I think it’s incredibly interesting the way you incorporated photography with this hand scroll painting technique. Your work simply not just being a photograph intrigues me.

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