25 thoughts on “Zhonglin Liu”

  1. I really like these two images. The train in particular shows a great perspective, as well as having a good variety in midtones.

    The first photo of the mountains is particularly beautiful. However, I feel like the orange tint in the mountain on the upper right portion of the image is a bit bright; it somewhat distracts from the rest of the image. If that’s toned down just a touch, I feel the image would be stunning.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation! I totally agree with your about the tip of the mountain, now I see how it’s not consistent with the color of the whole image.

  2. I really enjoy these two images. The compositions are strong and the brightness and contrast are really great. I do agree about the orange being a tad too bright in the corner. Otherwise, these are really strong images.

  3. I love the depth of both of these photos. Both have vanishing points in the same middle-left area, which is very satisfying to look at when they’re placed next to each other. For the experience of these two photos living together, my eyes want them to be the same color scheme (i.e. both B&W or both in full color). Not sure if they are meant to be in a series, but if they are, I think having both in color with the extra cyan/yellow of the top photo would be awesome!

  4. These are both powerful images. The reflection you captured in the water is stunning. And I think the train picture is very well composed. I love how the vanishing point draws the eye back out of the station to the door-like opening. Well done.

  5. I love the clarity and the grandness of these two images. The horizon splitting down the middle with the reflection of the mountains really captures the vast depth of the space. I also really like the low perspective from the train. It gives the train a much bigger feeling and opens it up so that I feel like I’m actually there. Great photos!

  6. The composition of these photos are both very beautiful. Although they are not in a series, I can definitely see that you have a defined style of shooting. You choose dynamic viewpoints, and it’s evident that you truly think about the best angle to get the most interesting shot. Very nice job!

  7. The first image is extremely captivating. The tones of the blue mixed with the slight contrast of that little bit of yellow is gorgeous. The reflection is phenomenal as well.

  8. The first image is phenomenal. The colors and saturation and clarity of the reflection almost trick your eye to not know what you are looking at until you see the horizon and landscape. It is beautiful.

  9. I love the sense of movement in the second image. I am unsure if the train is moving or not due to the angle you captured it at, and I find that exiting. I also love the use of black and white and how it plays with the different textures in the image: snow vs metal of train. Beautiful.

  10. I believe both of these of these images are absolutely beautiful. The top seems to be shot flawlessly because of how clear the colors are in the picture, there is an interesting contrast of light and dark, and the composition is just beautiful. I am so curious where this location is.

  11. These images are absolutely beautiful. The first image is crisp, clear, and perfect contrast between all elements. I like that you had a high aperture where you can see a lot of details. The colors create a nice contrast. For the second image, the angle which you’ve chosen to capture the train creates a movement in the picture. The image brings the viewer’s focus to one point.

  12. I absolutely love these pictures. I like that even though one’s in color and the other’s in black and white, they are both very sharp images. I thinking using the long depth of field here really made the image. I don’t think I would get the same feeling I get if part of the image was out of focus. Awesome job!

  13. I really like these two images. The color is almost kind of unnatural in the first image, which creates the weird atmosphere within the image.

  14. The tonality of the colors in the top image are absolutely beautiful. The contrast of the warmth in the upper right corner as opposed to the coolness of the rest of the frame is very nice.

  15. I really enjoy the top image. The warmth of the image as well as the mood from the time of day. The cloud detail as well as the mountain’s shadows in the water really make for an awesome composition!

  16. I really enjoy the second image. The depth of the images is absolutely amazing! It looks like the train goes on forever. The lines from the front of the image to the back, create amazing movement throughout the image. I also like the black and white effect on the image, it adds to the cold feel with the snow and gloomy feel with the empty train.

  17. I really like the color of the first image, especially the lake. I like how the orange part of the mountain is reflected in the water.

  18. The first image is very beautiful, however it has a yellow, green, blue tint to it. So it is not giving off the right colors to look at. It makes the image look like it was worked with a lot in Photoshop. If the colors were adjusted to the right setting it would give off a much better quality to view. The last image is very good, it gives off enough detail, shadows and highlights nothing seems to be too dark or bright in this image.

  19. Really enjoying the drama in that first shot. The introduction of a green hue really adds to that feeling of dread and despair of the unnatural landscape. I think that hint of light on the peak is important, as it gives the viewer somewhere to rest their eye.

  20. The first image here seems a tad blurry, at least in the background, which makes me a little sad because it’s a very strong image with the lighting and refection off of the water. The other image is not as striking as the first one is, but the lines in the photo draw the eye inward.

  21. Really strong images. I love the contrast in both of them. The colors are nice in the first one and the angle/perspective is interesting in the second one.

  22. I really enjoy this two images. It’s grand, in depth and with a strong spatial sense. The color contrast in the first image is greatly exhibiting. And I like the angle you chosen for the second image, which take use of the lines perfectly.

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