photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Liesl Broadbridge



Liesl Broadbridge
ART 476: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 8” x 10″
Series: Semester long

This series is exploring the relationship between the natural and mechanical worlds. In their abstraction, I hope to create a world within my photographs where the two become indistinguishable. This project is evolving and will be a learning process about my own photographic aesthetic.

8 thoughts on “Liesl Broadbridge”

  1. These images are really beautiful. I like the dark black because it draws the viewer’s attention to the subject. I can see the juxtaposition of the natural and mechanical subject matter and they are abstracted so you can’t exactly tell what it is you’re seeing, but you can also make out what you’re seeing. That didn’t make sense, but these images are successful in what you’re trying to produce.

  2. These are both very captivating photos! The macro focus especially is awesome, it is so crisp and clear and adds a whole new, unique element to the photograph and does work to abstract the images.

  3. I really like the contrast and texture that is captured within these photographs. They do a good job of catching the viewers eyes because these are everyday objects that are capture with a different perspective. They are shot in a way that the object becomes unrecognizable to the viewer.

  4. I’m excited to see where this series ends up when you have a whole body of colors. These would look great on a white gallery wall with a whole spectrum of macro tiny worlds.

  5. These are very beautiful photographs. I really like the contrast between the black background and the objects, as well as how clean the focus is: you can see every bit of detail within the two. It’s quite difficult to tell what the second image depicts, which makes all the more interesting.

  6. Great work, I always enjoy your photos of great details. It is amazing how you are able to capture and find such great texture and details in the huge environment. You definitely got the eyes of a photographer. Few things though: the background color of your first photo is strange and not consistent, try to defog it a bit more. And the composition of the second one is questionable… Great work though.

  7. These images are beautifully composed in the way they help your eye flow through the composition. You can’t really tell what they are, whether organic or mechanical, so I think you are very successful in your idea.

  8. I don’t see much of the mechanical aspects of the leaves, but it may be the mechanical structure of the lens creating the bokeh that you’re trying to create. I think of these as museum exhibits or a study for an object and there’s a sense of “do not touch” where I distance myself from the object.

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