11 thoughts on “Jeremy Childress”

  1. I really enjoy this piece because the way you layered these different subjects is really successful. It gives the viewer enough to focus on, but remains ambiguous in such a beautiful way. I think you should continue to explore this technique with objects that really connect.

  2. The multiple exposure technique is impressive and compulsive. It’s visually pleasant but I personally think it lacks a little bit of context. Great work though, I really enjoyed it.

  3. To me I think it looks like the hand is playing a piano and the wood resembles the keys. Whether this was what you were intending or not, the way you layered and exposed it allows for multiple interpretations and a narrative feel which I think is successful.

  4. I like the use of texture and color here to bring your eye throughout the composition as a whole. The wedding band really draws your eye in and it is not perfectly centered which is pleasing and uncomfortable at the same time.

  5. This picture for me has a sort of nostalgia relating to family. I think the ring on the finger is what is making me think of this, the times before my parents got divorced and how they had all this junk of layers in the way.

  6. There’s a lot of contrast in this single photo that says there’s a lot more to the meaning than just the single photo. The contrast of the outdoors to the indoors, the old and the new, and the coupling of the images brings a deep sense of curiosity.

  7. Very interesting use of layering here. The wood seems to mimic the wrinkles in the hand, and its very elegant. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, as wood ages similarly to humans when you think about it. I really enjoy the textures being created here.

  8. I’d be interested to know what your statement is on the photo. There’s a lot going on here, and I’m not sure if any one story is coming across. Which maybe is your goal with the layer effect? I like the way the wood plays with the wrinkles of the hand, however I wish that the lines created from the wood were more horizontal so that the diagonal lines of the piano would stand out more.

  9. This is a really beautiful image by overlapping different layers. It is really hard to tell which layer is which. The complexity and interaction between different layers make this image to be visually interesting to explore.

  10. This overlapping of images gives me a movie transition feel or also the understanding that there is a passage of time. In that passage of time it feel like there is an obvious correlation of the images. What could be more interesting if you were to group images on top of each other that have no correlation whats so ever. It would make an manipulative contrast.

  11. I really enjoy the use of double-exposure and layering, but I feel like it’s hard to pick out which image is supposed to be the focus. I want to say the hand is the focus, but neither is more clearly focused than the other.

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