12 thoughts on “Leslie Graham”

  1. This image really speaks to me because it reminds me of the book, “Speak” which is a narrative from a girl who was raped and is coping with it. The trees and the expression of the girl are really astounding and speak to me about topics that can be difficult to tell others. I think you should explore more editing techniques that relate to these larger ideas with as much emotion as I see in this photo.

  2. I really like the double exposure in this photograph. The overall image is very intriguing and interesting for the viewer. I might considering brightening up the girl just a little bit though.

  3. I like the double exposure here. It makes me think of being in the forest alone with my thoughts. I wish she was looking up towards the trees though. Or the trees weren’t branching into her face, it makes me think she is in pain in some way.

  4. The way that you have filled the frame is really successful for me in this image. The tree limb flows right to your eyes and makes me think about our human connection to nature. In our current state of deforestation, I think this piece could have a lot of power in showing our need for nature in a literal and mystical way.

  5. I think the size of the girl compared to the trees is interesting and unique. I like this unrealistic aspect and I think that is a good use of double exposure.

  6. I think this is a very beautiful image. She almost seems like a nature spirit of sorts, watching over the forest. I am interested in a statement for it, though: I’d love to know what inspired the double exposure.

  7. I like the way that she is posed, pondering in thought or focused on something mentally. It goes well with the dreamy overlay as if this forrest was where her mind is, a safe space for her thoughts.

  8. This is a super cool idea, I love how the forestscape blends into her skin. I think it could be super cool to do this again, but do a more close up profile of the face (like a portrait almost, not having her body in it) and do the same kind of layering. Just an idea, but I would encourage you to continue in this direction.

  9. This is a really cool idea for a picture! She looks like she’s either really peaceful being by her self in the woods just looking over and thinking of her life. She also kind of looks like she is really sad about something and ready to just not be here anymore. Either way this picture seems really powerful! I like it a lot great idea!

  10. I always felt like this style of photographs are blended together reminded me of film and the transition from scene to scent to express a feeling. the girl and the forest gives me a feeling that she is lost and is trying to ind her way. It is cool have this can evoke such a strong emotional response for me.

  11. It is really a beautiful double exposure of tree and person. Not just put two different things together, I can feel there is a connection between the nature and the person.

  12. This double-exposure is beautiful. It says to me that the subject would rather be outside and not wherever she is at the moment. The dark tone of the photo adds just a little mystery to the image as well.

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