6 thoughts on “Ronnie Brook Robinson”

  1. I really appreciate the conceptual idea behind this photograph, as well as the editing technique used to portray it. I really enjoy your use of leading line, by allowing the viewer’s eye to shift from the reflection of the girl, to the girl, to the hunter in the background and backwards. The idea that animals, specifically fawn, are as innocent as children and that we as humans hunt them for game and sport is really interesting. I really would like to see more pieces like this from you. Perhaps having more light focusing on the girl would make this image even stronger.

  2. I think this is a really interesting photo. At first when I looked at it I thought the hunter was a person who wasn’t supposed to be there, but when I saw him, the meaning of the portrait changed for me. He is very camouflaged and searching for him is kinda fun, but I also think some people might overlook him and I feel like he is an important aspect.

  3. I really love this photo. It draws you in with the double exposure of the girl, and then you notice the antlers, and then you notice the hunter in the background. It all comes together nicely, I just don’t want people to overlook the hunter since he is so small in the background. Nicely done.

  4. Great capture of the facial features for this little girl! Her gaze is very uneasy and brings a tension that is not easy to talk about. The adult facing the woods also shadows us out from the dialogue, and I feel like I have to keep quiet about something that is going on.

  5. I love the concept of this photo. It humanizes the idea of hunting almost and the double exposer adds a great layer to the composition. The way that you first notice the girl, then her antlers, then the hunter continually changes the meaning of the photo. great job!

  6. This image feels like the little girl is fading away with time and the fragmented memory of this girls is fading away with her. It presents a moment of fear when a family member passes away and you feel like you are forgetting what they are looking like.

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