8 thoughts on “Danielle Bunker”

  1. I really enjoy the first photograph, just because it is a really strong image and is composed really well. The bottom image is strong in a different way, because it looks like you used a light stick or some sort of light tool to create synthetic lighting and it’s really intriguing how you incorporated the portrait. I think you should select one of these images and concentrate on one of them.

  2. Having seen both of these images of yours in other context, I know that they aren’t in a series together. Your light painting images are really strong, and the portraiture in this one really works to your advantage. I’m sad we won’t be seeing more of these this semester!! The top image is just a really beautifully shot photo. No critiques on that one – well done!

  3. I love the bottom photo like my love of festivals and lights. I am unsure if this was at a music festival where you captured this but the lights take me to those nights with friends and fun. The person in the background encapsulates what those lights do in a great way.

  4. For the top photo, you managed to make a gruesome scene into a beautiful picture. The colors and composition are well thought out. Nice work.

  5. Having seen the top photo of the fish in the lofts gallery I have even more appreciation for the presentation of the image together with the frame. Although it is not present online, the way you tied the big wooden cutting board with the thick textured wooden frame really sold it for me. I felt as if the frame could’ve actually been in the photograph and repurposed as a frame which is an interesting idea.

  6. The colors in both of the images work really well for me. I would really like to see more pictures of the light elements, seems like a strong aspect of your work!

  7. These two images are great! I wish I could see them separately because they’re so great. The texture in the fish along with the teeth of tongs compliment each other very well. You bring a very deep sense of smell into the photo as if the photo takes you to the fish market alongside the docks.

  8. The photograph of the fish is fantastically composed: the color balance is perfect, and the fish really stand out within the depth of field. As for the second image, it’s not often that you get to see light painting in such a vibrant way. It really is quite a beautiful photo!

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