Mississippi State University, photography

James Cox II


James Cox II
Art 4873: Digital Imaging
Digital Print 20″ X 30″

Statement: The idea behind my image was to use a combination of landscapes along with texture to give of the presence of a abstract landscape that captures the essence of the atmosphere given off by the city I currently live in which is Starkville.

9 thoughts on “James Cox II”

  1. The overlapping images definitely succeeds at creating an abstract landscape. I keep finding myself trying to figure out how many photos are actually put together here. I think I’m focusing more on trying to separate them because that first image looking down the street is so captivating.

  2. Very impressive multi-exposure technique, whether you’ve done it in post effects or you shot it that way. The composition is beautiful, I like the way you overlapped those pictures. There’s also a sense of chaos and anxiety in it in my opinion. I hope it could be more contrast in color, though.

  3. There is definitely abstract landscapes going on here, and I get a sense of chaos and horror a bit. I’m not sure if that is the essence you were trying to capture, but it is an intriguing photo.

  4. This is a really interesting and strong image. I really enjoy your use of leading lines that move from the bottom of the image upward.

  5. If I saw this for sale, I’d definitely want it on my wall. I guess i’m a sucker for layering and warping a space how it seem more appealing. I get sense of disorderedness to this which I think many can relate to in their own lives and the place they live in.

  6. I agree with everyone above me – really cool image/idea. I would have liked it if there was just a little less of the street portion at the bottom, and instead fill the space with city. The top portion totally captures your idea, and I think it would be stronger with a little more of that feeling. I enjoy it being 20×30 dimensions, but maybe just “sliding” everything down? Great work

  7. The silhouette of the building tops make it look very jagged, almost as if the top image were falling into the crevice of the horizon point of the middle image. I think this photo uses a great sense of leading lines and textural qualities to keep it all composed.

  8. Very interesting idea and concept. I agree with much said above, however I wish there was a bit more contrast/depth in the composition. Could definitely be an interesting series to work with different landscapes.

  9. Te transparency blend of these images work great together. The deep perspective gives a split in the rode, but also the “v” shape that is yellow and red cuts down the middle as well. The sky also seems to flawlessly bleed into the formation of the street in the image that is layered on the sky.

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