8 thoughts on “Latrice Scott”

  1. There is 100% the feeling of abandonment and loneliness captured in this photograph. I love the layering used here, I am interested to see more.

  2. I really enjoy the overall darkness you used in your images, it gives a sense of depression that occurs when you’re feeling lonely. The opacity layering really adds a certain out-of-body experience that someone has when they get lost in their thoughts.

  3. I like the sort of foggy layer masking over the image. I think this really works with your idea of loneliness. I get the feeling of having unclear thoughts and not being able to decide what is right at the current time.

  4. I, too, get the feeling of loneliness and possibly even depression. It’s portrayed well through the dark color of the photo along with the body position of the subject. I think this could be a good project for you to continue posting.

  5. I like the way the viewer can’t see the face of the subject, as if the subject were vulnerable and defensive about who gets into her life. It would be great to see some more photos along this series.

  6. Definitely get the feeling of loneliness from this image! I would’ve liked to get a better sense of the background, though. If we could see the space that’s being overlaid on the subject, I think we could have an even more relatable experience with this image.

  7. Using different layer to create this one image is really powerful. I think it is really interesting to make the head of the person disappear but only the body is recognizable.

  8. The intense shadows, desaturation, and dark lighting give a definite feeling of what it means to feel trapped by a mental illness such as depression or an anxiety disorder. The hunched over body seems to be full of internal pain; you did a good job capturing loneliness. The overlay adds a sense of disorientation as well, which may be a result from these depressing feelings. The fact that the viewer cannot see the model’s face adds a lot to the overall feeling of the image as well.

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