9 thoughts on “Willie Stewart”

  1. I see the use of overlapping images here to show inner entities trying to fight through, but I am not sure the facial and body expressions show an inner “demon”. Maybe try to focus on what a demon would look like a bit more.

  2. I really enjoy the spirit-like forms you created using opacity manipulation. However, I don’t necessarily see a demon when I look at these photographs. Perhaps a color manipulation or different expressions would allow you to depict demons trying to fight their way out of the human body.

  3. I think this is an interesting idea and wonder if It could be pushed further by instead of focusing on the movement of the arms but the shift in emotions the individual is feeling. Maybe start from a calm expression and gradually get more angry and show these inner demons taking over our thoughts.

  4. Since the facial movements and body gestures are so strong in this series, I think it would be great to see the subject expand his comfort zone to show agony, fire, and rage that comes along with the demons we have inside of us.

  5. I love the multiple exposures in these images. It does a great job interpreting the story behind the images. I would be really interested in seeing more of this series. Well done!

  6. I agree with some of the other comments in that it’d be cool to see this with your subject having more expressions. Maybe the “base” image could be complacent like these, and the overlaid images are the demons trying to be released, and those are the ones with the over-the-top expressions? Cool idea.

  7. The lighting in the third images accentuate the theme you are capture. I wish you would have replicated the lighting from above to create the same feel. I think looking straight in the camera would have brought a lot more emotions and expressions to the images.

  8. I think this is an interesting way to use “ghost image” to express the inner stress. However, I feel like there need more control of the overlap of the figures.

  9. These are very interesting images and I really like your concept. But I just wondered what is the connection between demon and the model’s posing. It could be more impressive if he changes his pose or face.

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