11 thoughts on “Zhonglin Liu”

  1. Your use of light in these images are really strong. I really appreciate the whites and blacks that you emphasize in the photos. I really enjoy that you have figures in your images, it really gives off a mysterious, eerie feeling. I really think you should do some layering and play with the opacity some more.

  2. The rich blacks and the bright whites are doing wonders for these photos. The composition of these photos is beautiful as well. I usually have a preference of one photo over another when they are put in pairs, but I love both of these. The more square image size was an interesting choice.

  3. I always love the film noir feel to your photos! I think that the second image is a bit stronger on its own, however I think they work well together. I’m assuming this is meant to be an inside-to-outside plot line – I wonder how it would change the story had the order of the images been reversed. Nice work!

  4. Your use of contrast in these images are very strong. It gives an eery feel to the buildings at night, which one could say is what the Humanities building is, especially at night, eery.

  5. Love the black and white film, even with having to scan it and compress the file, it still retains the quality you can expect from a medium format camera. The range of grey that you were able to capture from the cement walls of humanities is very pleasing and makes me want to touch the textures. One thing that is distracting however, is the harsh whites from the lights themselves. I think if the shot didn’t include the direct light source but still had the light from it, my eye would be able to read the entire photo easier instead the lights act as a bullseye making it harder to leave the brightest point.

  6. Yessss, I love these. They almost look like some post-apocalyptic world with the dramatic lighting, goofy architecture(yeah, I can tell that’s humanities) and single figure in each photo. These are wonderful, and I would love to see more from this series.

  7. I think the light is used quite well in these photos. Also, the figure in both of these two photo really strengthens the feeling of “quietness” at night.

  8. There is a lot of richness to your blacks and good grey tones in these photos. I also think the people present in the frames add to the sense of lateness and quietness of these photos.

  9. Your have capture this shot in a way to make humanities feel like a horror movie. The intensified contrast of light and dark with the dark taking more control over the frame is powerful. The lighting is sort of fighting with the dark for dominance.

  10. I really like the contrast in the first image that makes the door look kind of 2D. And I like the soft light shades on the ground that are completely opposite to the hard outline of the door. I also think that it is a very good idea to make the subject wear a striped shirt.

  11. These photos are pretty scary as the subject in each one is hard to point out or identify. I love the first one the most simply because of its obscurity. You can’t really tell where the subject is, if it’s a person, or if it’s just an illusion all together. The use of blacks, and shadows in both the images helps develop this creepy mood.

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