Mississippi State University, photography

Assanti Miller


Assanti Miller
ART 4873: Digital Imaging
Digital Print; 20”x3 0”

This work was produced as a different take on the phrase “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good.” I turned this phrase to reference modern astronomy and the obsession to find life outside of our own planet. That research leaves people looking up rather than looking around, neglecting the life and beauty already on Earth.

10 thoughts on “Assanti Miller”

  1. I find this image really compelling. The way you layered these images and manipulated the opacity makes it really strong. I also like how you incorporated both manmade material and natural material in the background, because it resembles both human and nature (animals, plants, etc.) that make up the planet. I would like to see a series to make this even stronger.

  2. This image definitely captures that otherworldly feeling. The little glow of the moon in the upper middle portion of the picture paired with the bigger orb taking up the left half of the frame immediately made me think of planets. The slight haze of the photo aids to that sensation as well.

  3. Interesting concept! I definitely get your idea from the photo. I think this could be stronger had you opened up the image a bit. The fading is starting to make the image feel flat – I would like to see this with more contrast and either a more intentional darkness, or a brighter exposure.

  4. This image almost gave an illusion of a huge planet hanging behind the house. It’s an quite interesting composition. To me the part where the globe overlapped with the house is a little bit weird though.

  5. This image captures the out of this world feel very nicely. It feels as though you are looking into another world through an unknown watchful eye, almost like the Truman Show. Nicely done.

  6. when I look at this photo I feel as if I’m becoming the eye of some strange being that is far from human. The way in which the warping happens through the bulb makes me get this sense of looking at the world around us with skewed and almost uneasy sense. For me the photo speaks about accepting other points of view and how one isn’t clearly better than another.

  7. I do like how the globe and the moon reflect and contrast each other at the same time. I think it really causes the viewer to compare the earth to outer space and see an odd, abstracted view of the world.

  8. Your concept for this photo is SO interesting. I can totally see the merit in the idea of people not appreciating the beauty on earth, and this is highlighted by the moon or planet like circle focusing in on a particular part of earth. This image is controversial to me, because I also see the merit in space exploration and wanting to know what could be out there. You’ve definitely got me thinking with this one, wonderful job!

  9. Before reading the image in context, I understood this as photo superimposed by a global sphere to represent home and the clouding effect to show the an atmospheric veil, covering how far away home may be. I think the darkness of the photo makes it less lighthearted to be talking about the beauty of Earth, but I do enjoy the composition of the piece.

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