9 thoughts on “Becky Ratajczyk”

  1. The lighting on these is really well used. I this they are both really nice images. I’d like to see more, and maybe a little more variation in finger/hand position. Nice work!

  2. I like the details on the hands. Lighting is good, and properly composed. Probably increase the contast a little to make the hands pop out.

  3. I love the details you can see in the hands. Hands are so expressive and dynamic, and I think you really capture that sentiment in these. I find myself adding my own narrative to these hands and wondering what stories they hold, which is a really beautiful thing in my opinion.

  4. The details you captured are awesome! I am especially drawn to the composition of the top photo. My only suggestion would be to maybe try cropping down the space above her hand so that we can focus on the center of the space a bit more.

  5. I really like these two images compositionally. The lighting is also really well done. I would add more variation in the hand positions and what they are holding as well.

  6. I love the delicacy that is captured with elderly hands. The way she is touching the fabric is so sweet and elegant. These are beautiful.

  7. I feel like these two images are interesting because of the parallel between the close-up hand and the fabric pattern. This combination is apparent in the first one, but the fabric is out of focus in the second one. I am wondering what if the fabric pattern is not in the background.

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