30 thoughts on “Dani Nuckols”

  1. This is a really cool image! I love the symmetry and clean lines leading my eye around the image. The surprise of finding a figure in the image makes it compositionally even cooler. I would’ve liked if the horizontal lines had been a bit straighter, but other than that this is really well-done compositionally

  2. This photo is very dynamically composed, and I’m really enjoying the leading lines that follow through the image created by the hallway. The ghostly figure has my thinking about some sort of haunted hotel, and it’s all very intruiguing. Good job.

  3. This is a very interesting photograph. It almost seems like an optical allusion. I would be very interested in hearing more about your topic and how this image was shot.

  4. This image is really beautiful. The lighting is really well done and the symmetry of the endless amount of lines down this hallway make it strong. I think incorporating a figure would make it even stronger.

  5. I really enjoy this image! The use of light, framing, and double exposure are quite nice. I almost missed the figure but I think that was the point.

  6. This is a great use of an even composition and a portrait style orientation. The ghosting effect adds an extra element into the photo that I wish I had more context for.

  7. Ghost images are some of my favorite and this one does not disappoint. Placing the subject directly in the center of the frame with the lines creating boxes around the figure emphasize that centrality for me. It’s a very strong photo.

  8. The use of vantage point and line are really strong in this image. I think it also works well with the centering of the ghosted person. The hallway alone is very visually interesting with the alternating carpet sizes, lines, etc., so with the addition of the person the image becomes that much more captivating.

  9. I love how at first glance this photo is already intriguing due to the point of view and symmetry. Then when you keep looking you see the person that is exposed into the space and it just adds a nice detail and rewards the viewer. Well done.

  10. The ghosting effect is very well executed. At first glance I thought it was just a photo of a hallway, but the faded person surprised me which is a nice impact on the viewer. This image has perfect contrast of elements — the straight lines and the rectangles contrast with the faded person and create a perfect balance. Also, the way the person is posing in the image, her hands, create an illusion of movement.

  11. The perspective on this photo feels endless. The faint image of a person is really haunting and I am really curious on how you able to achieve that illusion. There also seems to be a pattern of contrast because of lighting and the space feels symmetrical which is aesthetically pleasing.

  12. I really enjoy this image. The faint image, gives it a mysterious feeling. I also like the repetition of squares. Another aspect that adds a lot is the black and white effect. I would love to se more in this series.

  13. This photo is crazy good! I love the how the person looks as though they are disappearing and appearing all at the same time. I enjoy the use of monochrome color and the way the image is set up and photographed. I love the untold story and the way the walls meet the doors and the floor and the lights. The lighting is well composed. You have great color saturation from dark black to white. Its a very well produced image.

  14. The composition of this photo is amazing– how the patterned rugs mimic the doors; how the trim on the walls works with the lines of the ceiling and floor to pull you into the center; how the geometry of the whole shot works together as a whole. The viewer has no choice but to “walk” down the hall until they come across the spirit of the image.

  15. I love this photo, the composition reminds me of the hallway scene in “The Shining”. The ghost (especially her hair color and clothes) blends in the background pretty well.

  16. I really enjoy the Stanley Kubrick feel of this image, and the ghostly overlay of the model in the photo enhances the spooky feeling of “The Shining”. It feels modern, and polished. The clothes blend in with the surroundings, and I might personally opt for a more simple outfit that feels ambiguous in time and style if you are intending to have a haunting feel.

  17. This picture really caught my attention because I enjoy black and white photos. The lines used in the picture really focus your eyes down the hallway and lead up to the faded person which I enjoy.

  18. I like the frame of this photo–it really takes your eye down the hallway into an unknown space. It also took me a second to realize there was a person in the hall but that’s an awesome detail! Maybe increasing the contrast would make this photo a little more dynamic.

  19. I love what you did with the repetition and how it causes my eye to be drawn towards the girl. Although there isn’t actually a person standing at the back of the hall it looks like there is where causes you to think more in depth about the image and look closer.

  20. Very nice job!! The lighting and composition is beautiful. The shadows contrast the bright lights in an interestingly beautiful sense. I really love the black and white choice. Nice work done!!

  21. I really like the composition of this photo! The symmetric composition works perfectly for this interior building. The carpet pattern is beautiful. I am not sure about the girl’s ghost image. It is a cool effect to see on a picture but, in this photo, it is a little bit distracting to the overall architect scene I think. But, it is just a personal opinion.

  22. This photo definitely gives me “The Shining” vibes because of how symmetrical the hotel shot is and how you have placed a translucent “ghost” in the middle of your image. The way it is shot is also the same as in the Shining because it comes from waist level, which is probably how tall the kid was when he was looking up towards the ghost twins. I think this would have been even creepier, if you want to take that route, if you did this in color. By manipulating certain colors together, you can create a more dramatic look which I think would enhance the photo by a lot.

  23. Excellent use of ghost imaging. The setting chosen invokes a feeling of unease, perhaps something like the Tower of Terror? The walls are more claustrophobic than any hotel I’ve ever been in, with less blank space that could allow the viewer’s eyes to rest. One improvement I suggest would be to put your model a little further back to retain some of her mystery–currently, she’s a little too detailed.

  24. This is a very interesting photo looks like an optical allusion. I wonder how a series of photos would look based on this one photo.

  25. This is a really nice composition with the lines and I like how they were leading lines to the ghost figure. The coloring worked really well with what you were doing as well.

  26. This photo reminds me of the old hotel ghost stories. The black and white in combination with the ghost image really work well together. The symmetry and perspective of the hallway adds a lot of interest and movement to the photo. Even the lights and the pattern in the carpet add tons of focal interest. Well done.

  27. This photo is very pleasing to the eye. I love that the lines lead to the ghost figure and that they even continue beyond, which you can see with the balanced transparency of the figure. I also think that putting this image in black and white made it stronger since there are multiple light sources in the hallway. Nice job!

  28. This is very mysterious to me. The lines are very interesting to look at and lead me to many different places in the photograph. I also like the hue of the lights.

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