photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Kaitlyn Veto




Kaitlyn Veto
Art 476 – Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 10 X 15 Inches
15 images series

Statement: This project was born out of the question “Would you consider yourself a feminist?” Each individual’s identity to suggest that these sentiments could really come from anyone, as the opinions given we’re so widespread and varying.

6 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Veto”

  1. I think this is a hot topic right now and needs more photography and art to push the direction you would like to see feminism take. I’m not sure about the black bar over the eyes, It seems to read more of a censor than freedom to be what you want. Maybe that’s part of your concept.

  2. I agree about the censored eyes, if this is an important part of your concept, it is a good idea to discuss that aspect in your artist statement. Otherwise, I like the variation in placement of text.

  3. I really enjoy the concept of this series and how you incorporated text with imagery. The black and white makes these photographs even more powerful. I actually really like the censor you placed over the eyes, but maybe you could redo the series with just the people’s eyes in the photograph with text surrounding it? Just a thought.

  4. I think this is great way giving voice to people. It’s a very dense subject that most people don’t openly talk about and by placing it out into the community, we’re able to take it into our own hearts.

  5. I don’t think the black bars over the people’s eyes are successful. They look more like they’re being rejected or ignored, not made anonymous. I don’t think anonymity is necessary to reach the point. I would also revisit the typographic treatment, the “shape” of the text box is distracting in contrast with the people in the second and third image, try to reach a paragraph shape that isn’t completely rectangular, but doesn’t have lines of type jetting out farther than the rest.

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