photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Olivia Hoang



Olivia Hoang
ART 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8.5″ x 11″

My work focuses on the interaction of children with toys, food, and other objects, as well as activities that bring them joy. I am inspired by their exploration of the environment, which leads them to discover different methods of playing and storytelling. By capturing these moments of interaction, it also allows the viewers to remember their own childhood.

7 thoughts on “Olivia Hoang”

  1. I love this series and all of the photos I’ve seen as part of it! You have a great eye for capturing candid moments without your photos feeling commercial…a balance that is difficult, especially with kiddos! The muted tones and soft lighting contrast with the playfulness of the subject, which is unexpected and I love. Great work!

  2. I think these two images are interesting that they are the same subject but use different focus point: one is on the girl and another is on the food. I am wondering what if the F is even lower for the first image that the girl can be blurrier and there is more focus on the food.

  3. The perspective and angle you have chosen to take these pictures puts the viewer right in the picture. This perspective also highlights the playfulness and characteristics of children. As for the technical elements, they all look great — the lighting and contrast is perfect.

  4. This totally captures the playfulness and nonchalantness that children have. They don’t really care if they’re smiling perfectly or if their hair looks good I’m pictures, they’re just living life. These are very sassy and fun to look at.

  5. Very cute photos. This shows how playful and innocent children are. It also shows how the little things in life mean a lot to people. Looking and thinking about the photos I think they are a lot deeper than I initially anticipated. I see myself doing this a kid and appreciate the thoughtfulness put into the picture.

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