8 thoughts on “Taylor Galaszewski”

  1. These are super cool! I especially enjoy the bottom image. The light is beautiful. The capture of/ focus on the eyelash while she is doing her mascara is powerful and well done.

  2. Really interesting images! I am particularly drawn to the bottom of the two images. The light you captured is absolutely beautiful and I love the way the eyelash silhouette comes across. I would have liked to have seen the left side toned down just a little bit – it’s starting to distract my attention from the figure. Overall really great work!

  3. These are super cool images, and I love the silhouettes you’re creating. Even though I don’t have the full story, I’m starting to create all these characters and plot lines in my head because of these images, and it’s super interesting to decipher them. Very good job creating an ambiguous story here!

  4. I really like the contrast in these images. There is a sense of identity of the subjects being lost in these images which does a great job of keeping the viewer interested and wanting more.

  5. These silhouettes are really beautiful. I love how you captured each individual in these photographs and you seem to have a variety. The eyelashes in the second image really stand out, as does the hookah in the first image. I feel like there is a narrative occurring in these photographs that is also really successful

  6. I love how you have captured individuals in their own homes, doing daily activities but still made it mysterious and we don’t know who they are. The silhouettes of their facial expressions are very relate able.

  7. I love the silhouette of the people! The circular shape has been repeated in the smoke, the mouth of the person, and the hookah. The second image, I enjoy that the eyelashes are against a white background. I wish the left side of the image ended in the white background and not black.

  8. Looking at many of your other artwork it is nice to see the continued exploration of the silhouetting of the people in the picture. It makes it less about the person and more about the event that the person is performing.

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