photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyson Banh



Tyson Banh
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″

Time is an abstract idea and carries a sense of plasticity, like a memory. The ephemeral qualities of time and how quickly it passes challenges my work to capture time in a single, still image. The quality of long exposure photographs illustrate what we can and cannot see; solid objects stand still while streaks suggest movement. By removing the vibrancy and saturation within the photograph, this dullness alters the viewer’s experience of reality and challenges their own memory.

13 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. These are both beautiful images. The sun flare in the top image really works with your topic I think. It captures a sense of movement therefore time passing (and is beautiful). Well done!

  2. I think the lens flare in the first image really makes the image: it draws attention to the nails below it. The long exposed shot of State is beautiful as well: it does a fantastic job showing the effects of time.

  3. I think the lens flare on the first image really makes the image: it draws attention to the nails below. The long-exposed shot of State is quite beautiful as well; it really shows the effect of time quite well.

  4. I like the shadow and the light in the first one. Properly exposed and beautiful composed. The second one feels dreamy because of longer exposure. They are both comfortable to look at.

  5. First off, really beautiful images. They’re well composed and for long exposure, very well done, I love them! As far as the concept goes, I think your idea of challenging memory and time is more evident in the second photo, since we see these streaky figures walking through. I’m not getting that theme as much in the first photo, but they’re still beautiful nonetheless.

  6. These images are very beautiful. I love the subtlety of the movement of the figures, they give the photographs a sense of time and movement without taking away from the composition.

  7. I really enjoy your eye for composition. All of the photos I’ve seen of yours are, as Zhonglin said, comfortable to look at. My eye totally knows where you want it to go, and isn’t usually distracted by anything else in the image. Great work

  8. That sunburst effect, though 🙂

    But really, there’s something so smooth and fluid about the quality of these images that is hard capture. The long exposures really work to make otherwise bland colors pop and it’s impressive how sharp everything remains.

  9. The geometric composition of all elements in the image falls in perfectly. The light shining through the triangular opening, the nails, the electric posts, and the buildings, are situated with thought and calculation! The second image, the lighting is perfect. The Capitol pops out immediately which is what you want to see in this picture. The silhouette of people’s movement captures the liveliness of the city.

  10. Both of these two images are composed in geometric shape. I think the first image is interesting for the way to put the objects at foreground. However, there are something at the left side which is distracting.

  11. These images capture the ideas of time and memory perfectly. I feel like the second image does this more so. I love that the people show up but not fully. Its mysterious and unnerving and I love it.

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