13 thoughts on “Zhonglin Liu”

  1. I really like the contrast in the top picture. In the bottom picture you did a great job of capturing the sky and the clouds, but I would like to see the rest of the image open up a little more. Overall these are both beautiful images.

  2. The contrast in both of these images are very strong and it adds a dramatic effect to them. I love the way the sweater of the subject matches with the background garage and grate of the building.

  3. The contrast in both images is beautiful. I like that you chose to keep the alley darker instead of brightening it up. It helps lead my focus to the car in the back and I find myself trying to figure out whether its coming or going.

  4. I really like the crispness of these photos. The shadows and lighting in the top photo are really dynamic, and black and white does a lot for the photo. Wonderful work.

  5. I really enjoy the sharp contrast in the first image. It stand out. The subject matter in these two images are so different, but so alike as well. I like your focus on the lighting in each image, with the lamps in the first and the car’s headlights in the second.

  6. I love the stark contrast in the first image. It gives an eery feel but with the open space, I still want to explore.

  7. I love clouds in general and the contrast you captured in the sky is beautiful. When I take a closer look I see the headlights of the car coming down the road and the way you framed this photo helps lead your eye to that. Nicely done.

  8. I’m a huge fan of using contrast in images so the first image is stunning to me. i love that there are spaces that are completely black. It add even space to the image than there already is. I love open everything is. You almost don’t even recognize the person standing in the corner.

  9. The striped shirt and the striped doors create a nice visual movement. The contrast is also just right! The second image, the sky takes the attention of the viewer and the clouds create a perfect wave through the horizon. I like that the headlights of the car are a surprise!

  10. Theres something about he lighting in the second image that screams nostalgia. It reminds of my childhood curfew of having to be home when the street lights turn on at night

  11. The picture on the bottom is really nice because the ground where the house is seems like it is the back drop to the sky that seems the focal point. The choice of focusing on the sky makes this piece most interesting to me. It feel like it reverses the foreground and background.

  12. The tonality in the greys of the top picture is very nice. I love the contrast present in it, and how the person in the frame is not the largest part of the frame.

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