8 thoughts on “Liz Graves”

  1. I will be interested to see how you connect these images with your idea of depression! Will it be through your statement? Or through more images? I think the first two images are really strong compositionally, and fit together stylistically. The third is also a strong image, but the motion blur puts it in a new category for me. If these are going to be displayed together I would consider adding more motion blur images to balance the bicycle image.

  2. These images are really strong and show a variety of different activities people can be passionate about. However, I think it would be more powerful if you showed how these people are prior to their activity– so you can really connect the idea of passion to lifting a person’s depression.

  3. I really like this series of outdoor images. Stylistically I don’t think the bottom one fits with the series as well. It would be great to see more images within this series. I really like where its going!

  4. As images, I’m very drawn to the first image: the bright sun doesn’t detract from the horse and its rider, and directs my attention to the pair. The other two images are quite good as well, capturing the nature of those activities. Similarly to Olivia, I do think that including images that showcase the depression that the subjects are trying to decrease could help really bring your theme to light.

  5. These three images show three different sports with three different tones. But I feel like the first one is the strongest. There are too many information without focus in the second one. In terms of the third one, I feel like it can be stronger if there is one focus.

  6. I like that this series is very simple. Its you doing what you love to do by taking photos of what others love to do and i think that’s a great concept. I also love how relaxed the images are. Nothing seems posed or forced. Its just very in the moment.

  7. I love these photos. They make me want to get outside more. I like how you captured the motion of the bike in the last image.

  8. The middle photo is very successful because of the way the people are stretched with the perspective. It really makes me want to move my eye across the image to take in the rest.

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