photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyson Banh



Tyson Banh
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8.5×11″

Time is an abstract idea and carries a sense of plasticity, like a memory. The ephemeral qualities of time and how quickly it passes challenges my work to capture time in a single, still image. The quality of long exposure photographs illustrate what we can and cannot see; solid objects stand still while streaks suggest movement. By removing the vibrancy and saturation within the photograph, this dullness alters the viewer’s experience of reality and challenges their own memory.

13 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. This is a really beautiful shot, and I get the ideas you’re trying to convey. I think you would be more successful at showing time passing if you could either crop in more to the street, or make the car lights just a little more intense. At first glance the street almost looks empty and the viewer doesn’t initially get any sense of time. I like the image as-is, but I think those ideas could help your statement come across more effectively.

  2. This image is really captivating. I love the use of red in this piece. The streaks are subtle, but you can tell that they’re there and they are a great reference to time.

  3. I’m quite drawn to the late-afternoon lighting this image presents. I believe that this, plus the long-exposure showcasing the movement of only some of the vehicles on the street, creates a strong sense of time.

  4. The colors are beautiful. The changing color of the sky along with the blur of the cars during rush hour work really well to capture what you are trying to portray! nicely done.

  5. The top photo really speaks to me about time and I think it has to do with the space and the lighting with the buildings. The cars also do a lot for movement and time. Also the pink color of the sky is interesting because the time of the day we see that light passes by so quickly.

  6. I really like the clarity of the details in the first image. Everything is clear and the colors are vibrant. You have captured the sunset perfectly. In the second image, I really like the framing of the buildings. The angle you have chosen for capturing the capitol in the background and placing the building on the right creates a movement for the eyes.

  7. I think the color of these two images are beautiful. Especially for the first one, the red buildings and sky really match together. Also, the slow shut speed captures the movement on the street, which is in contrast to the still building.

  8. The way you framed the first image with the two buildings on the outside edges is excellent. I also love the vivid colors and the fact that you can see Bascom in the back

  9. I love how clear and crisp the images are. I love movement is shown through the light streaks of the vehicles. At first I didn’t even notice they were light streaks and that’s amazing to me.

  10. I think the light in both of the photos is captured very nicely. A suggestion that I think would help improve the photos would be to cut out some of the negative space made by the sky in both photos, giving a more narrow focal point!

  11. The lighting is perfect in your images! They are so clear that they almost look 3D. I also like the long exposure decision, I think the image would be very different if you used a fast shutter speed but the car light streams really add that extra color which makes the images pop. Very nice.

  12. Though I like the color in these photos, I would like them to be darker so that the light trails would be more of the focus.

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