16 thoughts on “Emily Olsen”

  1. Interesting shots! I especially like your first and third images. These two have really wonderful compositions. The third image is the stronger of the two – coloring is spot on, and the image itself is really crisp and clean. I would consider shooting all of your images for this series in the same compositional format.

  2. These images are really beautiful. The backlighting brings out the texture of these fruit and it draws the viewer’s eye to the center. The color in the fruit are vibrant and not at all dark like some might expect them to show up.

  3. I really like the composition of these shots and they are very appealing to the viewer. The harsh lighting behind the fruits really expose every detail. This is a very neat concept and I think it would be cool if you zoomed in even more on the image.

  4. Very interesting concept. Consider shooting all of your images in a similar manner to the first, third, and fifth images: showing the entire fruit as well as the shadows cast by the harsh lighting makes for a beautiful shot. Otherwise, a more zoomed-in image could create an interesting and beautiful abstraction of the fruits.

  5. I really like this set of pictures is so simple yet so interesting! It is really pretty! I like the fact that I focus in on the detail in the fruit as well as the fact that it is the only color on the entire picture and the color is the brightest point! I just overall love these pictures! Great idea! 🙂

  6. These are really awesome. I like the centered composition and think the colors turned out beautifully. The way the light brings out the textures is very intriguing and something you could explore more with other topics as well.

  7. Very interesting idea. I do really like the way the light shines through and highlights the veins and juice. Very pretty aesthetically.

  8. Very interesting shots. The colors from each fruit definitely pop with the help from the light source. The “veins” give each fruit a unique texture.

  9. I really like the effect of the light comes through the slice of fruit. I am wondering if you can try to photograph the close-up of each one of them. The surrounding environment kind of distract me to see the center subject.

  10. These images are beautiful! Great idea and concept. I wish the photos were even more macro to capture finer detail. But overall, I think this is a fantastic series.

  11. Awesome images. I like how thinly the fruit is sliced so you can see all the different textures. They are very clear, very colorful, and very well done!

  12. The use of light through the fruit is really nice effect to make these organic fruit into a filter for the light. It is a creative effect and manipulation of your resources. It woud be interesting to see this manipulation in the context of other objects.

  13. I truly enjoy this series. I like how you took simple things that you see on a daily basis and portrayed them in a unique way. The way you experimented with light through these different fruits is truly appealing. It’s neat to see how the light bounces and passes through. However, I would subject playing with the role of thirds and different angles of the fruit rather then it being a bullseye view. Overall you caught the viewers eye very well and I would enjoy seeing more pictures like this.

  14. The back light that goes through the different types of fruit makes the fruit stand out in an appealing way. You could say that the fruit in the photographs are glowing which attracts the eye of the viewer. I love how something simple is portrayed differently.

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