Kellogg Community College, photography

Lev Josts





Lev Josts
ART 230: Digital Color Photography
digital prints; 9″ x 12″

Multi-media using photos and drawings taken and created by me. The series contains 8 images.

I wanted to make a series about pollution and the future in a kind of satirical, sad-but-true way. Green foliage is scarce, buildings are everywhere, we (human race) end up paying for air just like we pay for clean water, etc.

photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Ty Madey



Ty Madey
Art 576 – Advanced Photography
Scanned Cyanotype Prints on Canson Montval paper; 11″ x 11″
Images part of the Pixel Type series

Pixel Types is a cross section of childhood nostalgia and novelty. This series is about a process at its core. I start with images taken with the Game Boy Camera and end up with cyanotype photographs. The result is a deconstruction of each image into a more pure aesthetic form with the individual pixels being highlighted. By combining this look with the cyanotype process, the final product is an examination of the building blocks of the photograph instead of its subject.