7 thoughts on “Airi Kojima”

  1. I’m really interested by the last photograph. The way the reflection abstracts the words is really interesting.. Or is a double exposure? Either way, it is nicely composed and has a very narrative feel with the items.

  2. Your middle image has awesome contrast – really well printed and composed. The top photo is just a little bit flat, I’d consider moving up a 1/2-1 filter. On the top image I’d also consider moving the focus on the car by cropping out a little of the negative space on the right.

  3. I love the depth of the second image. Not a lot of pictures can work successfully with such heavy centrality and symmetry, but I enjoy it in this photo.

  4. I really like the third one that there are different layers at one photograph: the text, the highlights and shadow. I am wondering where is it? There is a mirror there? It is a double exposure?

  5. I think the composition of the first photograph is great. The trees create these extremely interesting shadows on the ground that make the picture look like it is pieces of a puzzle with light and dark spots. It also feels like such a natural shot.

  6. I really like the last image. I like how you can still read what is says but then its almost fading out like “no you have 5 more minutes.” Nicely done.

  7. I really like the third image and the different layers you are able to see in the reflection as well as through the object. With the second image I almost wish that you were even further back to really get the illusion of perspective going. I like the concept of the photograph, showing a person studying through the bookshelves. The first image has some really nice lighting happening through the trees. I like the choice to include the road sign.

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