7 thoughts on “Carson Shipley”

  1. These are both beautiful photographs. I love the camera obscure aspect mixed with the nude figure. It is so bold and stunning. I do not remember seeing the bottom photograph in critique but I really like it a lot. nice job!

  2. These photographs are really strong. I love how the camera obscure is reflected onto her figure. To me, it shows a statement about the relationship between human and earth.

  3. I like the way the image is projected onto the figure where she’s standing in the corner because it just looks seamless and without knowing how camera obscura works, it would make me wonder what the real object is, making this an imagined space. I also like the way you use the nude body as a screen for projection. It definitely speaks to relationships between the human and the world.

  4. I love the idea of her being nude in the privacy of what looks to be a home but having an image of a very public place projected behind her. It adds to the boldness of the images.

  5. I think these images can be interpreted very differently, In the second one I interpret it as the subject is blending in behind the projected image, she isn’t very clear because of the projection but I think it works well to leave the viewer wondering. Nicely done.

  6. The fact that this is called “camera obscura” is so smart. The women are clearly inside of a dark room, but the projections show the exterior of a building, sort of like a camera obscura. You’re inside of a giant dark room with just a tiny hole to look out at, the projection lens is that hole and its reversing the idea behind the camera. very clever!

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