5 thoughts on “Corina Finn”

  1. This image has strong meaning to me. The black and white emphasizes the girl’s feelings. The light that hits her face and tear is repeated in the lights in the background, keeping my eyes wandering around the picture making me look for a reason of to why she is crying. Because the crying girl is the only thing in focus I do have most of my attention on her too. Well done

  2. The lighting of this picture is perfect where the woman has covered the half of her face where there is less light. I like the blurriness of the background, yet you can see the outlines of the person to the right perfectly, which portrays a sense of loneliness.

  3. I think the lighting is just right for this image. It compliments the girls emotion of almost smiling but holding it back. I think just having the girl in focus was a good choice, being able to see the other subjects is nice but the girl is the main subject which you made clear.

  4. This is a really nice candid image, I can definitely feel what she’s feeling, because i make the same face when people take pictures of me in public. The focusing is nice, the background is present but not distracting.

  5. This is a great image. However it is a little bit dark– maybe lighten it up a little bit? Otherwise, I think that the expression and the feeling of the photo is really well executed. Also, good use of depth of field.

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