10 thoughts on “Danielle Bunker”

  1. I love this series, and it’s definitely something you should continue, even if just as a hobby. They create really awesome interesting photos, and I feel like they could totally be sold as poster prints or something.

  2. These images utilize light manipulation beautifully and I think they work really well together as a series. I think you are trying to incorporate a figure into the composition? If so, I think you should try to make them more prominent, as it is difficult to tell. If not, then these images are perfectly fine how they are.

  3. You already know that I think the third photo (the red one) is amazing. I love how the colors of the lights in the photo reflect on the subject’s face, and how perfectly balanced the amount of light/shadow cover the subject. Really well done!

  4. The ghostly image in the last photo is so captivating and eerie. Your use of light manipulation and long exposure is very successful in all three images.

  5. The bright color in these photos really make them stunning. I’m not sure if it is shadowing in the second one or what but it is very intriguing.

  6. I like this series of colorful geometric shapes. Double exposure or long time shot speed applied there I assume, which captures the movement of these geometric shapes.

  7. The last image to me is just absolutely amazing. I love how abstract the image feels. I wish the object was placed in a way such that the upper left corner wasn’t empty but i think the way you have it may help to frame the image more.

  8. Based on captured colors their intensity is multiplied when compared to the dark background. Neither, of the reference solid objects, which lead me to wonder what technique was used to capture such rich and dark colors.

  9. The colors in these photos are beautiful. The paths the lights take somehow manage to be seemingly random yet still geometric.

  10. This is so beautiful and I don’t know how you achieve this. It is absolutely astounding because the bright vibrant colors with the textual movement with the contrast of the darkness creates the beauty. Very nice.

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