5 thoughts on “Dasom Hong”

  1. I like the idea of this photo! I would try straightening out the image when you’re printing so the poles are truly vertical. Or, conversely, tilt it just a touch more if you’re going for like a perspective type shot? I think it’s almost there, just needs to be pushed in one direction or the other.

  2. I enjoy this image since it takes a very familiar and generic scene and gives the environment some character. The people on the bus help to age the image and allow the audience to interpret background stories for them. I agree with the post above I would either dramatize the tilt or straighten it. If you were to dramatize the tilt, it would give a more unsettling feeling.

  3. The subject and the setting of the image is vibrant. However, I think the black object on the left is cluttering the image and takes away from the main subject. It would have been better if the image ended with the windows of the bus.

  4. The perspective in this photograph is nice and I think the pole on the left side of the composition closest to the camera is a perfect addition to the image. The light source is also providing another nice element to your composition.

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