11 thoughts on “Delanie Gray”

  1. I really enjoy the composition of the first photograph. It is a very beautiful overhead shot which is very nicely framed. Seems like a fashion-type shoot as well as one capturing the beauty of ballet.

  2. I would be interested to see the rest of this series, because so far in these two, I’m really loving the juxtaposition of the dancer with the ground! The overhead shots are very nicely done, and it’s a way to look at dance that I feel like most people don’t look at. Also love them being in a non traditional studio and in the outdoors, it’s really lovely. Great job.

  3. I really like the way you composed these two images– from above. The first is particularly striking, because of the contrast between the dancer’s outfit and the concrete she is stretching on. I think trying different angles would make your portfolio even stronger.

  4. As a dancer, I always love scrolling down the Photo Exchange and seeing creative dance photography! Like the other posts, I like how you chose to shoot these images from above, and not in a studio. Compositionally, though, I would consider giving the second image a little more breathing room by her left arm.

  5. The first image is really powerful. I think not including the subjects face makes it more about the form and not the individual in the photo. Dance is full of interesting and strong poses and I think shooting from above is something we haven’t seen much of with performing arts. I also really enjoy the setting, being outside or having natural materials/lighting really helps make the images stand out.

  6. The composition of the photograph is interesting and elegant. But I feel like the subject is too still and lack of dynamic in these images. Especially, the dancing is supposed to be full of movement.

  7. I would really like to see the whole series. I am in love with the top image. I think the angle in which the picture is taken really adds to the concept of framing, and brings together the image. I think not including her face was an interesting artistic choice, but I think the photograph would not be as interesting if her face was included.

  8. the subject expression matches the elegance of the craft/attire where the posing of the figures also reflect the gracefulness of the photo. Also the rich green grass give environmental life to the subjects seemingly blank expression. for future: interact with environment in some way.

  9. Great composition on that second shot. Good perspective as well, I feel like that’s a pose you would usually see from a dancer when standing up. Very nice contrast in color as well.

  10. I love your work because of the unique camera angle you have chosen for these pieces. The birds eye view is refreshing and also provides a different dynamic that isn’t seen any alot of other photography on the blog. The top image perfectly fits within the frame which works well and the second image gives extra head space and side space that compositionally works.

  11. The pictures you have taken are amazing! Amazing colors coming out and amazing angle you have chosen. I loved the first picture and how the overhead shot added beauty to it. The position of legs and the bent body of the subject you have chosen makes it a picture worth looking and finding a new energy every time.

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