27 thoughts on “James Reina”

  1. This is very elegant. I can tell you have a talent not only in photography, but paper cutting as well. The lighting is super dramatic and powerful, and I love the shadows and shapes that are being made here. I would love to see more of this.

  2. These photos are beautiful. It’s quite amazing how some ordinary, everyday objects such as plain white paper can be transformed into elegant artwork. The lighting is great, creating very nice contrast, particularly on the second image.

  3. These images are really beautiful and well composed. The lighting in these are really strong and there is a gradient of blacks, grays, and white. I would really like to see more of these.

  4. Very nice lighting and usage of line. These are very delicate, intricate photographs and seem like the paper objects would be interesting as well. Maybe to set beside the photographs at a show or something. Really neat idea.

  5. The bottom image for me is my personal favorite. Using a flat 2D object and creating a 3D desert like sandy hill is really strong. Although I wish the white on the right side was toned down a little bit, after staring at it longer, I start to enjoy how it looses the paper quality and becomes a wave of light.

  6. Who knew you could create so many beautiful images with just light and paper? My favorite one is the top one. The contrast from light to dark is beautiful, as well as the composition and shapes the paper makes.

  7. Wow. These images are very relaxing to look at. They capture a simple thing (paper) in such an elegant and complex way. Especially your third image, that’s probably my favorite. I love the choice of using a monochromatic pallet. Unprofessional photographers use black and white to cover their lighting mistakes, but that is not the vibe I get from these shots. Everything looks intentionally placed. Well done.

  8. In the first photograph I love the way you use the lighting and the manipulation of the aperture on the camera to make the rolled up paper look like it is something else. It gives it a more mystical experience. The heavy contrast of black on the top of the image, light separating the middle of the plan like an equator and the blackness that engulfs the bottom is beautifully done.

  9. I thought this was a really interesting concept, that you successfully brought to life. The images have such an interesting framing which makes each picture so unique, but so cohesive when put all together. I especially like how it is such a simple concept, but the way the paper is manipulated makes it sophisticated. The light source in both the first and last image is also very relaxing to look at.

  10. In today’s world of digital photography and photoshop manipulation is good to see a simple idea executed to perfection using “old” and forgotten? methods. Photography is all about light and these photos capture that and more. Expanding on the plain? paper sculptures…. Drawing you in and showing you the complexity in simple things….

  11. Your images are very well done. I’m left with so many questions about how some of them are made. I think it is very nice that you used such simple things such as paper and light to make such unique images.

  12. These images are phenomenal. One of my professors is always telling us to try techniques like this, using paper to create interesting forms and textures. You have been very successful in creating images that are high in complexity and visual interest with a simple subject matter. Each image shows good contrast between the forms as well as crisp, in focus forms. Perhaps the only thing I would say is to be weary of the highlights in the top images.

  13. I just had to comment on this because one of my graphic design professors is always telling us to “try cut paper next time” and as annoying as it gets, its great advice. I used a similar technique to design a book jacket and it worked so well. I think making these images black & white was a great decision, that way no colors could distract or contradict the forms. well done.

  14. These photos are beautiful and you have created interesting objects that manipulate light and add to the composition of the image. Your printing techniques — filter choice, contrast, framing, and … — are very well executed.

  15. I love how the texture of the paper here is really enhanced and brought out by photographing them. I also really like the use of light in these photos to distort the paper.

  16. I really like the way that the texture of the paper in these images is brought out by using photography. I also really like the lighting that was used because it serves to enhance the images even further. Nice job!

  17. The second image from the bottom is gorgeous with the use of shadow play–or at least thats what I think is happening on the surface of the form. The absence of color really emphasize the contrast between light and shadow. It breaks up the object into other mini-forms.

  18. What a beautiful idea! I feel like this could have been a very tricky subject matter to photograph as it could easily look like paper laying somewhere, but you were able to capture it in an unique way. The angles in which these images were captured creates interest and beautiful shadows.

  19. Very interesting concept. Creating these images in black white was definitely a good choice. It helps me focus on the light in the picture rather than the image that’s being illuminated. Have you tried using colored paper? or black paper? just a thought to see how they would appear.

  20. I like the contrast and tone of the third image. The first one is pretty interesting because it looks like someone’s fingers pointing at the camera.

  21. These are very strong images. I love paper cuttings and the light that you used to illuminate the texture of the cuttings really served the image well. I really like how focused the light is on the third photo and how broad it is on the first photo. While you use a different lighting style for each of the photos, they still all work really well together.

  22. The last image is very successful because of the texture of the paper that is enhanced by the dramatic lighting and contrast of lights and darks. The shadows and highlights intensify the curve and cuts of the paper, which, along with black and white, plays up the simplicity of the items used.

  23. So wonderfully abstracted are these compositions that only the second and last betray the shapes construction upon close examination. Your use of light to isolate shapes and bring out dimensionality from flat materials. The first photo almost denies believability in a wonderful way. The grain of the film contrasts with the smoothness of the paper to introduce organic flaws into the pristine parchment landscape.

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