Kellogg Community College, video

Jim Schoder

Jim Schoder
Anime 103 – Introduction to Video Art

Description: This video represents the quality of light with unbiased views or expectations. Light is the key component in all photographic/video mediums, ranging from no light to overly exposed, focused to out of focus. The utilization of depth of field keeps the interest of the audiance for the duration of the viewing experience.

2 thoughts on “Jim Schoder”

  1. I think this was a great way to explore video using stills to create motion. If you had to go back to do it again, I think you could create a more cohesive argument or expand on the storyboard of a short film like this. Great job exploring!

  2. I thought this video was very interesting. When the camera starts out of focus and then gradually goes into focus, it really helps the viewer become more intrigued. This was a great exploration video. Hope you follow on a similar path for you next videos.

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