12 thoughts on “Jonathan D Bluvstein”

  1. I can relate to these two pictures all too well. The first one is pretty well done, but I think the second might be a bit too bright near the top. Other than that, I like it!

  2. I think that these images are really relatable, depicting the life of a sleepless college student, who can fall asleep anywhere. I think you can mix it up even more by taking photographs of sleeping students in other places– desks, class, etc.

  3. I think knocking down the brightness near the top of the bottom picture will help. It’s kind of a humorous take to photography and subject matter and I like that!

  4. Although these images appear too bright on screen, I see that they are film prints so I’m guessing the digital scan has made them appear brighter. The top image is really successful, from the positioning of the newspaper, to the hands, even the feet we see from the photographer in the reflection really push the image. One reason it may be working better than the other is the balance of black and white in the image. Placing the subject on a darker background helps the focus go towards the newspaper and notice that no one is holding/reading it.

  5. I can definitely relate to these pictures. Ha. Though I wonder if there are other ways you can depict a students sleeping patterns that don’t involve only pictures of students sleeping in random places on campus.

  6. The first image, the framing and the angled horizon depicts the sense that the person is falling off the bench and being dragged into the bottom right corner of the frame. I think this feeling would have been more emphasized if you had eliminated the windows so that the top of the bench is the frame of the photo. Finally, the bottom photo is a little too bright, but I like how the stacks are converging and framing the person.

  7. Although the subject matter hits close to home, the exaggerated locations kind’ve take away from the believable elements of the series. on the other hand the exaggeration creates satire and adds a further comical quality to the pieces.

  8. These images had me smiling and wanting to see more! I think the black and white gives the images that dull look that really works well with your series.

  9. The concept of what you have captured is a great topic. I wonder what the rest of the series looks like. Just based off of these two photos, they seemed staged. I don’t know if they are or not, but in the rest of the series is the face of the subject shown at all? I think switching perspectives on each photo works but I would be careful to not make them look staged, but something you just happen to stumble across.

  10. I think this concept is a very interesting concept that many college students (every single one) can relate to. I do like the position at which you chose to take the picture. It provides difference angles that one may see. I also like the fact that it was left black and white. It added great emphasis to the picture. Great job!

  11. Much like what others have said, this concept is incredibly unique and interesting. I love the first photo, the composition is different but i enjoy it. The second photo gets a little blown out, but I still like the concept. I think it would be cool to see some of these photos taken from different vantage points.

  12. I really liked the idea of your series and that is so true for each and every college student, but I think if you had cropped the 1st image until the sofa, that would look be better.

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