4 thoughts on “Kelly Ma”

  1. Not sure if it was intended, but this angle does something awesome with perspective and it starts to look like the man is in the shopping cart haha. I would consider bumping up the filter you’re using – you’re loosing your dark blacks/bright whites.

  2. The frame you have chosen is great; the shopping cart and the man stand out immediately and it guides our eyes to look further to the left. This picture says a lot of stories! The photo is a little bit static as in there is not a lot of contrast between — it would be better if you make the dark objects blacker and light objects whiter to create a bigger contrast.

  3. I really like how you framed your image. My mind immediately went the direction of another guy stuck waiting for his women while she’s shopping. Very nice.

  4. This image makes me think a lot of things. Particularly I felt there are some relevancy between the man’s face and the little mess in the shop. Very interesting.

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