5 thoughts on “Liesl Broadbridge”

  1. I really like how close you got to the objects. The first images is very attractive to the eye with the differing tones of rust and the highlights on the silver as well. This image also utilized selective focus well, I feel that if the background was in focuses the intensity of the colors and detail would have been lost. Great Job!

  2. I like the third images most among these three, because there are more interaction between the foreground and background. Even if the background is blurred dramatically in all of them, there is some more information at the third one. However, the first two images backgrounds are too flat to me.

  3. I absolutely love the water element in the second two. Especially the way the last one reflects the light. It’s very intriguing and I would love to see more of that

  4. I like how the images are in color but the only noticeable color is the rust. The closeness to the subject really brings out the detail which is great. Nicely done.

  5. Textures can be an easy and also impossible thing to capture. You did a really wonderful job of getting the tactile feeling of these objects in a photograph. The color palette in all three is very similar and industrial, they fit well together.

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