7 thoughts on “Liesl Broadbridge”

  1. Both are really interesting pieces. I think the choice to use black and white was a vital part of making these work so well because it really emphasizes the textures. What interests me the most is that they are ambiguous and abstracted, but retain a lot of detail.

  2. I was very attracted to your second image. Mainly because I could not tell if it was a mountain or a micro shot of a stone. Either way I feel like you transformed the object, in the way you angled and framed the image. This transformation draws in attention as well as provokes the audience to give your image some more thought. The contrast between the white and black provide great texture, I agree with he post above the choice of black and white was very beneficial to your image and its ambiguity.

  3. The way you have chosen the photograph the first image is unique because most of the time the water is on the top of the image and the rocks are at the bottom — this uniqueness provokes different thoughts to the observer, thinking they are stepping in the water. The second image is a little too bright; with the snow and the bright sky it is a little hard to distinguish the elements of the photograph.

  4. The use of contrast is what really draws me to this image. It was well controlled. I love that nothing is overwhelmingly white or too dark. The tones are perfect. In the first image however, there seems to be a part that’s a lighting washed out. It adds an uneasiness to the image but overall, these are great shots.

  5. I think the image above of the shore and the water coming over the rocks is really nice. This black and white image has a beautiful aesthetic because the water looks like it blends in with rocks. Also the way it was printed and still being able to see the rocks under the water is really impressive.

  6. I really enjoy these images. I think the way that the water becomes part of the rocks and the mountains become part of the sky works very well and creates strong images.

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