5 thoughts on “Liz Graves”

  1. I really love these two images. They are unique compositionally and are framed really well. I also like how strong the lighting is without washing out the subject.

  2. I really enjoy the bottom image here, the way you have framed the subject is a good read. I start from the left arm at the top, go around to the left with the neck muscle, which leads to the pony tail, then the sun/moon symbol, which carries back to the left arm. Having a circular composition like this I think is important not only to inner fire having a circular logo, but also yoga is about balance and this image feels balanced and controlled.

  3. I really love the two images together. They are both frames very well, especially the second one. I think the story behind the images is an interesting concept. I like how in the second picture the sun allows you to focus on the girl as the point of focus. This is an interesting framing choice, but I really love it.

  4. I wouldn’t have gotten the concept or idea of depression from looking at the pictures initially, however, their is an emotional connection between the activity and the subject through the dynamic posing and your choosing to capture the subjects face emphasized that element. future ideas for the series could include the relieved side/happier expressions.

  5. I enjoy the concept of these images and what they are trying to accomplish. These photos are also very well framed. In the top photo her body almost becomes abstracted.

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