10 thoughts on “Sally Abrams”

  1. I love the color you incorporated into these images, as well as the amount of line and shapes that are present. Compositionally, these are framed really well and give the viewer an idea of what you see.

  2. I really like how it is hard to tell where these images are found: the parts of buildings they come from is abstracted. This allows the viewer to focus on the interesting composition of shapes within. I really enjoy the color choices as well, especially in the top picture.

  3. I really love the top image and I think it has to do with the color choices, grid design, and textures. Also the flattening of the 3D space is always enjoyable bouncing from flat to 3D. The wash-like texture on the blue is my favorite because of the imperfections on a grid structure.

  4. I really like the way that you use the photography to “paint” the abstract painting. The color and composition in the first photograph is kind of minimalistic, but we still can see the color change of the building. However, the way you crop the image makes me feel like that there is something else need to include. These two images seem to just stop for some reason abruptly.

  5. I like the how the color combination is just the first thing you see in these images. Once you examine them more, the different textures of the material really pop out. The line work really compliments the photos as well.

  6. I love the use of line in these images, but they somehow seem a little bit off balance. For each image, I want to move the frame just a little bit to see more of whats there, but maybe that’s what draws me to the image in the first place.

  7. The photographs displayed have a contemporary ring to them with strong relations to Rothko or Kandisnky that create emotional influences based on the rich colors captures within the photographs. Also the fact that each is cropped to simple box structures enhance that painter esk feeling that I mentioned.

  8. At first glance, I though these were paintings. I really love these colors. The contrast of colors are beautiful. I am very curious where theses images were shoot.

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