12 thoughts on “Taylor Galaszewski”

  1. I really like the silhouettes happening here. It definitely captures a feeling/moment. It leave me wondering the story behind this character. In a technical sense, I feel like the background looks a little too green/yellow, you could probably fix that in photoshop, unless that was what you were going for.

  2. I quite like the silhouette of the smoking man in both pictures. It provides a sense of mystery (and shadiness to some extent) that works well with the greenish-yellow wall behind him. I also like how the door is framed.

  3. These images are really beautiful. You can see the shape of the person and the context of what he is doing, without being distracted. I really like the first image because it leads your eye from the subject’s head to his mouth and down to the glow of the flame and back again.

  4. The way you captured the light on his face is awesome. I also think the framing is working well. Because he is not exactly centered in the frame, the viewer is forced to notice more than just the silhouette.

  5. The top image for me is framed really well and I like the fact that the lighter helps illuminate the subjects face. The pipe is also getting some interesting reflections with the light. Definitely reads as a silhouette without being boring or repetitive. I enjoy how your series has been about habits and daily tasks but with dim lighting so that the viewer can imagine themselves in these scenarios.

  6. I like the greenish tint that the background has, it gives it more of a unsettling felling. I like how strong the silhouette is in the first image. I also low how the light cast onto the chin of the subject in the photo. The framing is good in that the if it were more of the room and less of the black I feel like the mystery would be lost.

  7. The darkness of this photo really adds a dramatic mood to this image. It kind of gives us an idea of what this man may be feeling.

  8. although everyone has commented on your use of silhouettes I believe the first one uses the technique more successfully with less of the details of the body being given to push that mysterious element of the photo, but relating the background to the action would be a future suggestion if you were to continue the series of images. or gather a similar shop from different angles of the body.

  9. I enjoy the difference of lights between the yellowish background light and the reddish light on the subject. I also think using the door as part of your framing was a good idea.

  10. This is an interesting use of silhouettes. The top picture is very nicely framed, and most likely the stronger of the two. My only issue with these is that they seem a bit redundant and dark, so I would maybe look into that.

  11. The silhouette of the man smoking is really nice especially in the contrast of him in the darkness and his pipe being lit. The yellow wash of lighting the background makes for some interesting mood setter as well.

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