11 thoughts on “Tom Bridenhagen”

  1. Very nice portrait of the boy. It really captures his personality in a playful way. I also love the flowers up top, really beautiful color and composition happening.

  2. The first image has really strong colors and the texture of the plants really come to life. The second image is a great portrait that places emphasis on the child who seems to be surrounded by adults.

  3. I think you captured the boys personality wonderfully. I think the framing also works well, the space left above and to the sides of him is really nice for a little breathing room.

  4. I think the image of the young guy is successful because of the background surrounding him. we can see he is surrounded by others but we do not get any other heads besides his. For me this puts the young guy inside a grown mans body and I can imagine the others behind him also having very young looking faces while being dressed in formal clothing.

  5. I thin the portrait of the boy is quite lovely and is very successful in capturing his spirit. The background surrounding him helped in this, by showing how there are others there (probably young as well) but we only are focused on him. The flowers are also quite lovely. The color saturation is very good.

  6. I think that the colors come across very vivid, but maybe a closer framing would transform the flowers more. I think the image of the child is very good, I like how the background is slightly out of focus so we don’t get distracted by what is behind him. Great job!

  7. The clarity of subject matter within these photos are screaming of the youth, especially when you couple the flowers with the young boy. compositionally i believe both are solid and well taken pictures, and the part that most interests me is the fact that you did decide to use 2 completely different photos that are reminiscent of the same subject matter.

  8. Even if these two images are different in subject matter, both of them are with warm color. The beautiful flowers and the cute smile from the boy really capture the bright side in the daily life.

  9. The colors in the photo of the flowers are beautiful. With the image of the child I like how he is framed so that we don’t know what type of situation this was taken in.

  10. The colors of the flowers really pop out which is amazing. Excellent detail in this image. I also like how you framed it.

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