5 thoughts on “Yuanhang Gao”

  1. I really like how the cross walk is working in the top photograph. It guides the eye and gives a sense of “navigation/travel” as it is leading the viewer into the graffiti.

  2. It’s great to see the graffiti during the day with the shadows, but I think it would bring a whole different meaning if you shot it at night with the glow of the street lights. Cool idea!

  3. These photos have a lot of great color and composition going on! I especially like your use of diagonal lines throughout both. I would consider cropping out some of the huge shadow on the left of the second photo – the negative space starts to pull my attention away from the beautiful colors of the wall

  4. I find the top picture to be extremely interesting because of the illusion of a continued street that the graffiti creates. It seems the artists wants to explore the idea that these graffiti pieces can transport the viewer to a different place as mentioned by the navigation travel project.

  5. The topic of the photos is very interesting because you’re capturing someone else’s work through your own expression. I wonder what the rest of the series looks like because the style of art changes depending on the demographics of the city. I would like to see the contrast between different areas of the city, but overall I think the compositions work well showing the city elements along with art being an element.

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