Erin Ford

Erin Ford
ART 2750: Video Art I

A stop motion project done during the Fall of 2015 at Western Michigan University. A comedic look at the frustration of artist’s block.

4 thoughts on “Erin Ford

  1. As an artist myself, I sympathize quite a bit with the predicament covered in the piece. I’m going thought an artistic block my self actually. It’s some lovely work and a pleasure to watch.

  2. I believe the process i important and the amount of experimenting done was cool however, I would’ve liked to see the actual doodles themselves whether that had been at the beginning or the end which wouldve enhanced the creativity/message of the short.

  3. At first I didn’t notice the days being tallied off in the corner, but i think that that and the repetitive drawing sounds worked very nicely and set a nice rhythm.

  4. Yo Erin! nice work and creative concept. I’d love to see more of your drawings. I really like how accurately your video portrays the struggle of being an artist. Magnifico!

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