22 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Veto”

  1. I really like the middle photograph compositionally: the colors reflecting off the wet ground really accentuate the visible legs. The other two images are quite strong as well: the darkness of the images and the expressions seen on the protestors showcases the seriousness of the topic at hand.

  2. These images are really powerful and show the passion people have regarding these issues. I think that these issues are still really hard to discuss and these images capture the amount of people who want to talk about it and make a change. I do like the first and third images, but the middle image is a little out of focus and I get distracted by the colored light reflections.

  3. I think the middle photograph is really interesting. The red, white and blue colors speak to the scene- mimicking lights from a police vehicle. It also sets a tone with the rain and the wetness of the photo as a whole. It works in context but could also be taken out of context and would still be a powerful image by itself.

  4. I really like these photos, there is a very strong message sent through. I like how you have limited lighting but the people and signs are still visible. I agree with Liz, the rain does add to the message. Well done!

  5. I find the bottom image to be really strong. The way in which you have filled the frame with the protestors gives them a lot of power. just seeing the heads behind the poster is also really important because we are identifiable by our facial features giving the protestors individual qualities. The strange light possibly coming off a house also adds a good bit of depth being out of focus.

  6. All three of these images are very powerful. I very much enjoy that you included a picture of the protesters with umbrellas in the pouring rain. It shows that they really care about what they’re standing up for. And the slightly closer shot on the very bottom emphasizes that these are real people as you can clearly see each of their faces and the expressions on them.

  7. The image in the middle has a powerful color composition reflected on the wet ground — the red in the foreground emphasizes the importance and brutality of the issue you are capturing, and the blue and white in the background almost promises a hopeful or a brighter future.
    The angle in which the light is shining in the third image, on the women and the sign they carry, draws your eye from top left of the photo to right and emphasizes the word “rape” which carries a lot of messages and emotions. I really like these images!

  8. I loved how these photographs really showcased the protest. The color saturation of each photograph really lends a hand to giving the photograph a “protest like” feel. My favorite is definitely the second one. I love the simplistic nature and how the feet frame the top half of the photo. Overall a great job capturing the essence and feel of the protest.

  9. I am very fond of your use of color. Those red blue and yellow streaks of light on the pavement and glow in the protestors eyes – have a connection with almost every single viewer- every viewer has in some way felt what comes along with police presence. I am impressed with the fact that even with a heavy subject matter but you were able to create images that feel personal and candid. I can picture myself in this moment. Bravo.

  10. The vivid colors that are created by lights really highlight the idea of unity and bring more attention to the topic at hand. I feel the the dark expressions on the students faces really add an overall emotion to the series which again emphasize the banners words, bringing a unique juxtaposition between the starch white of the banner and the colors created by the city during the protest. Good job, and may justice be achieved.

  11. These images really touch me as I’m extremely passionate about this topic. I love how dark the images are but how vibrant the colors are. It creates contrast that is appealing me. It really sets the mood. That middle image is my absolute favorite. I feel like I would get the same emotional experience by just looking at the middle image if the banners were not there and I love that. The mixture of rain and the blurred red and yellow streaks are just perfect.

  12. I think lights function really well in this series of photographs. You really take advantage of the light reflection of the wet ground, which makes the images are really interesting. Also, the light of blue and red creates the tension in the photograph.

  13. I think these photos really do a good job of showing the environment and overall emotion that was present at the protest. The way the street lights function as a back light source and appear as either red or blue really adds to the strength of the images.

  14. Great use of context. If the second image was standing alone it would not have the same meaning as it does when included in this photo set. Absolutely love the second image.

  15. The event is clearly represented. The emotion and topic can be distinctly felt. I really love the second image the vibrant colors that reflect in the water add drama to the image. I also like the way they are organized with the closer shot in the middle. Almost to give us a detail shot of the action or to make the viewer feel apart of the event.

  16. I think all your photos are framed very well. I like how most of the faces are too dark to actually see. I also like the middle photograph with the person walking between the blue and red lights. It made me think about walking between the blue line (representing cops) and the red line (representing evil).

  17. The image in the middle is so well composed, having the lights and color reflected in the water. All three are powerful together and individually.

  18. These are absolutely beautiful when you focus on just the color! They narrate the event so well, there is no question as to why these people are present here. Really beautiful, I’d love to see more.

  19. These photos caught my attention so well. I can feel the situation deeply from these images. Just one thing I want to say is that if you make the first image a little bit lighter, we can see the words on the board clearly and this could be more impressive.

  20. I think that the middle image grabs my attention the most. The shot of just the feet on the wet ground becomes powerful. The colors that reflect also do something strong for me. The person in a marching movement, but the fact that I can’t see the face of the person or any track of identity speaks to the movement and the many people who are effected that are sometimes nameless.

  21. By far some of the most impacting pictures I have seen on this site. Very interesting the way you were able to capture the amount of unity and emotions in these photographs. I also believe that the cop car lights compliment the background very well.

  22. These photos are very strong and portray a photo with significant meaning at the time. It talks about an important issue in today’s society. The lighting and angles are really well done. Keep just the good work

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