5 thoughts on “Olivia Morrissey”

  1. Extremely good job on the animation. The use of the shadow technique is very interesting. As a bit of a note, the white noise in the background is a bit distracting. If you could possible lowering a bit it would definitely help.

  2. I also really liked the use of shadow. You did very well with stop motion, and I think you chose good transitions. Although, I do see your hand in a shot as the dog is being moved to the table, so just be cautious of that.

  3. I really appreciate the use of the silhouettes at the beginning. That aesthetic choice really helps tell the story that is meant to be portrayed! The audio helped to do that, as well. The audio matched the silhouettes at the beginning as well as the happy, colorful part of the video at the end!

  4. The use of silhouettes was very creative and the audio followed along incredibly well. It was very well put together.

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