photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Ty Madey



Ty Madey
Art 576 – Advanced Photography
Scanned Cyanotype Prints on Canson Montval paper; 11″ x 11″
Images part of the Pixel Type series

Pixel Types is a cross section of childhood nostalgia and novelty. This series is about a process at its core. I start with images taken with the Game Boy Camera and end up with cyanotype photographs. The result is a deconstruction of each image into a more pure aesthetic form with the individual pixels being highlighted. By combining this look with the cyanotype process, the final product is an examination of the building blocks of the photograph instead of its subject.

9 thoughts on “Ty Madey”

  1. I love how abstracted these have become since the beginning of the semester. The pixels add really nice patterns and textures and allow for simplicity and complexity simultaneously.

  2. I think this series is a great idea and has changed a lot throughout the semester. It seems that it takes a hundred compositions to find an awesome one but totally worth it. What I find the most interesting about this series is that it is completely subjective and up to the viewer to decide what they see/respond to best. I image an art installation with a bunch of these images on a grid track and people can slide around the images like a puzzle to find a composition they respond to.

  3. The texture of the pixels is quite nice and adds an element to the photo that would not exist if the pixels were flat and smooth

  4. This is an interesting why to attempt a photograph. This aesthetic is particularly interesting to me because the though of photograph as small pixels that formulate a cohesive image is crazy. I think these pieces could be even more interesting if you incorporated images that show the far out shot of the full image pixelated.

  5. This is a very interesting concept and I think the pixels read clearly. However, I wonder if you zoomed out just a little and we perhaps get a familiar shape that went with a common childhood video game. Would the concept of nostalgia come across stronger? Just a thought, really do like your work.

  6. I think this series is going to be great! It is such an interesting concept, but I think the pixels could be more interesting if you zoomed out or showed what the actual image was. I like this concept though.

  7. Pixel art is really interesting, because no matter when you create it, it will simultaneously look old and new. You should look into Susan Kare, she did the first bitmap typeface for Apple Macintosh and designed their early icons.

  8. I really enjoy your unique approach to photography. The concept behind your images shows very well throughout the series. This reminds me of a Mondrian painting with the simplified strokes and squares. When I first saw it, I thought it wasn’t a photograph of anything, I thought it more of a pattern that you see on furniture. Or it was just a photo of a painting. After reading your description, I gained a better appreciation of the image because you made something so ordinary into a pleasing picture to look at. I can’t believe it’s from a Gameboy because usually, those colors are so much brighter, but the colors in this are so soothing. Great job overall!

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