15 thoughts on “Madison Weigel”

  1. I was immediately drawn to your images with the color palette being very inviting. The image on the top has lots of lines and shapes inside the frame which almost flattens the space in an interesting way. Im curious to see what it would look like cropped closer in like you did in the second image. Focusing more on the urban landscape than the sky. Although it’s not much in the top image I think reducing the sky would make the buildings seem larger as you have done in the bottom one.

  2. These images are very well exposed, I think that was the first thing that caught my eye. They seems to be well white balanced and the lights of the city instead of overpowering the images help to enhance and bring focus to the city object. The colors look intense. This second images follow the rule of thirds well with a different aspect in each of the sections. It keeps the eye moving. I really like the way the light reflects on the store front in the first image.

  3. I love the color palette of these images. I really like how the gift shop sign in the second image isnt actually lit up. I think it brings the rule of thirds into perspective, and allows the photo to have some movement.

  4. The lighting and colors of these two images are beautiful. I love the depth the buildings create in the first photo, taking the eye all the way to the farthest back point. The composition of both photos is very lovely.

  5. These are very well done images. Your lighting is very well done, and the buildings are sharp and in focus. The one thing that I would say, if I had to choose something, is that the skies look unnaturally blue and clear. I’m unsure if these images were edited or if the skies were like this naturally, but its something that I would look into.

  6. Very nice lighting and clarity in both of these images. The warm colors in the buildings and lights is complimented well by the cool blue of the sky and some of the neon lights. Great compositions.

  7. The color in these two images are beautiful. The lighting is very nice and the expose is well done. The image is really clear and there are lots of detail to see. Well done.

  8. I really like these images. The main strength is the vibrant colors. It brings a realistic feeling that makes me want to visit these places. I really enjoy the second image. It has a red/brownish tint and I love how the green pops out in the middle right of the picture. Would love to see more of this images in the series.

  9. These are very nicely lit photos with great focus. I really enjoy the wide depth of field, it makes the places seem very vibrant and full of life. The bottom photo specifically with the neon signs is really well done. I love the neon against the plain brick wall that could have been built at really any time in history.

  10. I really like the vibrant colors you have captured. I also enjoy the depth of field in the first image with the lines drawing in the city. I like how I feel I am in the picture, in the city, looking at this myself. Overall great composition.

  11. The first image is successful largely due to the leading lines which are present throughout such as with the sidewalk, bus edge, and stores’ edges. Along with this, there is a nice gradient of light from floor to sky in the image.

  12. Subject and composition wise I think these images are kind of plain. What stood out to me is the coloring! They are vibrant and eye catching. The colors really work to make the mundane cityscape pop! Clever! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I loved the angles you chose for these pictures. The color is so vibrant and really makes your photos stand out. The leading lines in the first picture is really pleasing to the eye. Along with the rule of thirds in the second photo. Nicely done!

  14. The vibrancy of these two images are what stuck out to me the most. Even though there is a lot of artificial light in both of them, no light source seems to be overpowering the others. I also think the time of day, being dusk, works perfect for this scenes. The first image, especially, has a very nice composition with the bus coming in from the left side of the frame. The composition of the second image could have played with the rule of thirds moer, but overall it looks nice with the various signs in the scene.

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