9 thoughts on “Tom Bridenhagen”

  1. I enjoy seeing nature shot in black and white to see the range of tones found in a space. I’m not sure if uploading changed the color but it seems to be more greyscale than black and white. I think the compositions are working but the images seem sort of flat. I believe having some deeper blacks would help the foreground/background separate and give the images a little more pop.

  2. In the first image, it is a little hard to recognize the elements in the photo. I think you could have positioned the flower in your photo differently, or by change the depth of field to blur out everything but the flower to really emphasize it.

  3. The clarity of the images is very striking with correct exposure the brightness really brings out the beauty of nature. Along with that idea the amount of detail is clearly shown through the sharp grays that are never blurred by too much shadows show how steady you were when taking the pictures.

  4. I really love seeing nature shots in black and white. They are always stunning to me, I think maybe you could have a little more contrast although in the picture of a flower. Having a true black would help the image stand out a bit more. I love the second picture though. The symmetry and framing is quite lovely.

  5. The first image is very tropical while the second looks to be more deciduous. I’m wondering if that contrast was intentional? I do think you did a good job of maintaining a healthy level of exposure in the second image.

  6. The second photograph of the forest has this really hopeful feeling and I think this feeling is represent well with the high level of contrast of dark and light. Especially in the bottom left corner that trail off into the darkness in the forest and the sunlight peaking through the branches to point out the little light of hope in a moment of darkness.

  7. I like both images, especially how the first is framed. I like where you chose to place the flower. However I think if you had gotten closer to the flower and given us more of a detail shot the image would have been more transformative. The contrast is good in both images especially the second one, the sun coming through is very pretty and gives the image a more soft felling.

  8. The first image really shows the contrast, shadows and highlights within the image. I do wish the flower in the middle of the image was a little more brighter, it gets a little lost within the shadows of everything else. The last image gives off rich detail in the shadows and highlights with the tree bark.

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