Kellogg Community College, photography

Lev Josts





Lev Josts
ART 230: Digital Color Photography
digital prints; 9″ x 12″

Multi-media using photos and drawings taken and created by me. The series contains 8 images.

I wanted to make a series about pollution and the future in a kind of satirical, sad-but-true way. Green foliage is scarce, buildings are everywhere, we (human race) end up paying for air just like we pay for clean water, etc.

13 thoughts on “Lev Josts”

  1. The juxtaposition between the black and white elements and the color bring a weird contrast to the photograph that bring out very collage esk elements that kind’ve take away from the reality of the photographs, that look to comment on serious industrial issues. The subject choice of a child also adds into that element, however the subject matter is dulled by that disconnection you’ve created.

  2. Each piece has an interesting color and composition. You did a good job of combining many different elements to create a receding space that always seems to fade to gray. The collage style is not hidden, and I don’t think it needs to be. It creates an unnerving sense that the scenery really is from some dystopian future. I really enjoy the added sketch elements.

  3. I love your use of media! Its super trippy to see the drawings of the stumps in the mix with the rest of the image. Its very conceptual and alludes to the fact that those objects may feel out of place but they were meant to be there. There’s also great contrast created between the stark black and whites of the drawings verses the rest of the photograph.

  4. I think each piece uses media so well. I really like how you mixed drawings with the other media. I think you did a very good job using a child in the images instead of using something us. It makes us think of a dystopian future, and I think you did a good job translating that into your images.

  5. I think you did a good job mixing mediums. I am curious as o if the girl was wearing that mask or not. If not great job overlaying that onto her head. I think the message is really clear and I like the way you chose to represent that message.

  6. Great idea to use your drawings in your photos! Very nice contrast between those and the void of color scene in general. Great editing skills as well!

  7. This is a very intriguing concept. You have mixed two starkly different mediums, and mixed them well. For the most part, the editing was very very well done, although on the last image the clouds look very out of place, so I would maybe revisit that.

  8. These images are really funny to me, in a very good way. A sort of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World kind of way. I could see this as the beginning story board for an animation.

  9. i am hoping to start combining my drawing and photos. your series had provided me some inspiration. i like the playful quality given to the drawn elements and how it contrasts the photographed content.

  10. PLEASE make more images making people aware of the environment! It’s extremely sad how we are taking our home for granted. Sometimes the satirical way is the only way people will listen. Im not sure if you took the pictures of the girl in a different setting and then photo shopped her in, but it does appear that way in these pictures. I would be mindful of the angle of lighting in each picture when you photo shop them together.

  11. These images share the same message of the pollution caused by humans. However, Each picture displays a different branch of pollution. The first has one of its main subjects being a factory and the smoke it admits. Another one has an emphasis on the fossil fuel crisis. Along with the sources of pollution, the pictures do a good job showing the affects of the possible affects in the future. These pictures convey a serious message that can relate to the real world and have its own abstract appeal with a different colors, angles and drawings. This would be a really good commercial that could set the awareness of the harmful pollution that is continuously happening in our world. Especially with one of the subjects being a child which could give off a pathos appeal to the audience much like the dogs we see in the ASPCA videos.

  12. I really how you incorporate your drawings with your photos. It creates an interesting effect and keeps reminding me how much influence that human on the environment forms your first photo particularly.

  13. The look of the drawings especially with the theme of the child go so well together, like you’re depicting the imagination of a child or what they might see. Also, the way you used photoshop to manipulate the landscape and piece this together worked very well in my opinion.

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