Binghamton University, video

Zach Liebmann


Zach Liebmann
ARTS 265 Digital Photography

This compilation of still images I put together is a journey I took exploring and discovering a few abandoned landscapes. Throughout my travels it always felt odd, as if something, or someone, was watching me. I tried to think, think about what interesting and possibly horrifying secrets these places held.

1 thought on “Zach Liebmann”

  1. With the dingy buildings adding onto that horrific sense the daylight makes the photographs light hearted in a sense that the buildings definitely speak to the viewer. A story is told within the photographs as well where each has been through over time. I personally enjoy the close-ups within the buildings, but I’d also like to see the entire building from afar (which you did in some cases) but most were of specific rooms or even walls that limit my imagination.

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